Preface: The Person That This Is Played On Must Be Someone Who Really Deserves It Because It Takes Several People To Pull Off.

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Preface: The person that this is played on must be someone who really
deserves it because it takes several people to pull off. He must
also live on the first floor of his dorm. It must also occur in the winter
in a suitably cold and barren area like Dartmouth.


We did this trick to someone we found very difficult to live with.
When the victim was away from his room we began to pile up a large amount of
snow outside of his window. The conditions were perfect. His window was
divided into two sections. One didn't open, the other (in theory) swung
outward like a door. The snow was wet and packed heavily and easily.
(On colder days a hose may be used to harden the snow.) We built a huge
pile of snow which reached six or eight feet back from the part of his
window that swung. We then, as a demoralizing factor, put a cosmetic layer
of snow which completely covered the section which didn't open.

When we had finished the outside work we went into his room and closed his
shade and curtain so that he would not notice what we had done until it was
too late.


We then waited for him to come home. Luckily his room was on a side of the
dorm away from the entrance so that our work wasn't visible from the approach.
He arrived and entered his room. We listened outside his door until we
heard his shade go up and a sudden "What the F--K?" as only pure, white
snow was visible through the window. At this point we wedged a paperback
book between his door and the frame. (Similar to using pennies, but more

We then sat back and listened as he started towards the door. "Allright, who
put all the snow outside my...what the F--K? OPEN THIS DOOR!"

The show got more exciting as he, thinking that he could still just go out the
window, walked over, opened his curtain, tried to open the window, and became
aware of the magnitude of the problem facing him. He had no phone, and so
could not call the campus police to come help him. His neighbors would
not heed his cries, because most of them had assisted us with the trick.

We eventually released him, but only after he had come to the realization that
he needed to be more considerate of those living around him, or else face
living out the rest of a prematurely shortened life in a small, snow
covered dorm room.