There Was A Computer Operator At A Certain College (I Don't Know Where), Who Had Been Fired For Something (I Don't Know What).

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There was a computer operator at a certain college (I don't know where),
who had been fired for something (I don't know what). He acquired one of the
ten platter disk packs that the university was using on its mainframe computer
system, and took it home. He disassembled the pack and replaced the disk
platters with phonograph records. He then sneaked back into the computer
center one night, placed his new pack on the shelves, and wrote a script that
would prompt the operator to mount the pack. Later, when the new operator
came in to do his job, he saw the message to mount the pack, so he did so.
Being new, he didn't know how heavy the disk packs actually were so he didn't
suspect anything, until he powered up the drive. The phono records literally
exploded inside the drive and sent the spindle straight through the drive door.