During A Blizzard, A Parishinor Of A Milwaukee Parish Was In A Bad Accident Near Green Bay.

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During a blizzard, a parishinor of a Milwaukee parish was in a bad
accident near Green Bay. The priest and nun from Milwaukee were
driving up to the hospital the victim was in, in case last rites (sp?)
were necessary. As they were driving, the storm got worse and worse.
Finally they decided they would have to stop for the night because the
roads were so bad. The only motel they could find was already full of
stranded travellers. The clerk told the priest "Since you are a priest
and all, I will give you a room for the night, but I just can't give you
each a separate room, you will have to make do with two beds in one
room." The priest thanked him and payed for the room. during the
night, the power went out, and the heat went out with it. Luckily there
were a lot of blankets is the closet. After a while, the nun asked,
father, father, I'm cold--so the priest got another blanket and put it
on her. After a while longer, she said "father, I'm cold, can you get
me another blanket," so he did. After a while, she again asked for a
blanket. This time the priest responded "I think in the situation we
should pretend to be husband and wife in order to keep warm." The nun
was stunned and didn't think it was appropriate, but he was the
priest, so she really couldn't argue. She said "O.K., father, if you are
sure its proper we can pretend to be husband and wife" to which he responded: