On Their Wedding Night, Bob And Alice Were In The Honeymoon Suite Getting Undressed For The Big Occiasion.

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On their wedding night, Bob and Alice were in the honeymoon suite getting
undressed for the big occiasion. Bob turned to Alice and said, "I have to
be honest with you sweetheart, I have never done this before" Alice replied
"Don't worry Bob; I'll guide you through it." So Alice laid on the bed and
parted her legs. Pointing to her womanhood, Alice told Bob to insert his
penis here when it gets hard. Bob looked at Alice, and said, "No way! My
grandmother told me to stay away from those things 'cause they got teeth
and they bite!" Alice laughed, and said, "Oh, they do not! Here, take a
real close look. Do you see any teeth in there?" Bob got real close and
took a long, hard, look. Lifting his head, he replied, "Of course there's
no teeth in there, what did you expect with those rotten gums?"