Just Before The Big Wedding Day A Groom's Friends Decided To Throw Him A Stag Party.

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Just before the big wedding day a groom's friends decided to throw him a
stag party. After many drinks, a naked girl jumped out of the big cake
and started dancing with the groom. The inebriated groom soon fell and broke
his woody on the floor. His buddies rushed him to the hospital where a
doctor examined the groom's injury. The doctor concluded that the groom had,
in layman's terms, fractured his penis. "Doc! Doc! That can't be true! I'm
getting married tommorow; what about my honeymoon?" "Well Mr. Smith, the
only thing that I can do is splint it. The swelling should go down in a
couple of days." And the doctor proceeded to take four tongue depressors,
placing one on each side of the groom's now crooked penis, and taped
around the whole affair to keep it all in place. The next day, the wedding
went off without a hitch. When the newlyweds got to the hotel that night,
the groom quickly excused himself into the bathroom. After an hour, he
finally emerged from the bathroom with his pajama bottoms on - he still
was not sure what to say. As he entered the bedroom he was greeted by the
sight of his new bride lying spread eagled on the bed. "Here you go
sweetheart," she cooed, "Pure untouched virgin wool - Unseen by any man
except you." "You think yours is new," he said whipping off his pajama
bottoms, "Mine is so new it's still in the crate!"