A Guy And His Friend Are Killed In A Car Accident.

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A guy and his friend are killed in a car accident. They both arrive at the
pearly gates together. Saint Peter first guides the one man to a stunning blond
woman and says "she is your partner for eternity." Then Saint Peter returns,
looks over his list of the other man's sins and trespasses. He proclaims, "you
sir, must pay for your sins! and with that, leads the man to this grotesquely
overweight woman with limp stringy hair and a greasy face. "This isn't fair! the
man exclaims, "I admit that I haven't been without sin in my life, but my friend
over there cheats at cards, never goes to church, and beats his wife. Why does
he get HER as a partner?". To this Saint Peter replies, "She has to pay for her
sins too, you know."