There Once Was A Bird Who Hated Saying 'goodbye' So Much, He Waited Until The Last Minute To Fly South For The Winter.

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There once was a bird who hated saying 'goodbye' so much, he waited until
the last minute to fly south for the winter. When he finally did leave, it
was so cold that his wings iced up and he fell to the ground on a nearby
farm. He was cold and very depressed and thought he was going to die then
and there. After awhile, a cow wandered by and shit on the bird. The bird
he was becomming warm, and could move around, so he began to sing. A nearby
cat heard the singing, and dug the bird from inside the pile of shit, and
ate him. There are exactly three morals to this story:

(1) Not everybody who shits on you is your enemy.
(2) Not everybody who takes shit off you is your friend.
(3) When you are in something warm and wonderful,
keep your big mouth SHUT !!!