There Men Died And Went To Hell. Satan Met Them At The Gates And Said, "All Three Of You Weren't Bad Enough To Go Straight To Hell, So You Get Another Chance.

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There men died and went to hell. Satan met them at the gates and said, "All
three of you weren't bad enough to go straight to Hell, so you get another
chance. If you can tell me something I can't do you can go to Heaven." The
first man said, "Make a car made of solid gold that runs on gasoline."
Satan did and the man went into Hell. The second man said, "Make a house
of solid silver." Satan did and the guy went into Hell. The last man was
a biker and he was laughing. Satan said, "How can you laugh when you are
at the gates of hell?" The biker stopped laughing, farted, and said, "Catch