A Man Goes To The Psychiatrist A Nervous Wreck. The Shrink Tells Him To Sit Down And Explain His Problem.

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A man goes to the psychiatrist a nervous wreck. The shrink tells him to
sit down and explain his problem.
He says, "Well, doc, I keep having this dream where I am at this party
full of people and I look across the room and there is a
beautiful blonde woman and she walks over and our hands touch
and instantly we are alone in a room, naked. But then an
equally gorgeous brunette appears and the blonde yells 'You
snake, why did you bring me with her here?!" and then she hits
me and I wake up in a cold sweat and doc you gotta help me!"
"Ok, ok, calm down", the shrink says, "Anything can happen in a
dream. The next time you dream this, when the brunette appears,
pick up the phone and call me and I will appear naked and take
the brunette into another room and you can say you did not know
we were there and you can have a ball."
The man leaves. Two days later another man comes in and says:
"Doc, you have to help me. I am a lawyer, and I should not be dreaming
this but I do. I am alone in an 18-wheeler and I am driving
along, very happy, and suddenly it is raining and I am very
tired and I am going to kill a lot of people and you have to
help me! PLEASE! I will do anything!"
Again, the doc says, "Calm down, calm down. The next time you dream
this, stop the truck and get out and I will come and drive for
awhile until you are awake, then you will be fine and can take over."
So the man goes away, and the first man comes back three days later even
more of a wreck and exclaims:
"Doc, you gotta help me get some sleep, I can't sleep at all anymore!"
"Ok," the doctor says, "When you had your dream again, didn't you call me?"
"Yeah", the patient says, "your wife answered and said you were helping
a guy drive a truck to Cleveland!"