Two Clams Named Sam And Thelma Clam Were Basking In The Surf, When A Dune Buggy Ran Over Them And Killed Them Both.

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Two clams named Sam and Thelma Clam were basking in the surf, when a dune
buggy ran over them and killed them both. So they went up to Clam Heaven
and St. Peter Clam said, "Thelma you've been a good clam so here's your
wings, and a harp, and you can go into Heaven, but Sam, you've been a bad
clam: drinkin, carousing, carryin on, and hanging out with squids and lob-
sters, so you have to go to Hell!" Well Sam , being industrious went down
below and opened up a Clam Discotheque. Was doing very well thank you -
lots of young clams etc. After a couple of months, Thelma started to get
lonely. She approached St. Peter Clam and asked if she could visit Sam.
Pete replied, "Okay, but be sure to take your Harp, that's kinda your
passport back and forth - and make sure you come back in a week!" So
Thelma spent a week with Sam at his discotheque. They had a great time,
partying all night long. When she arrived back at the pearly gates, she
was greeted by St. Peter Clam who said, "Thelma, you look terrible -
you're all tired, your halo is crooked and where's your harp? She replied,
"Oh, No! I left my harp in Sam Clam's Disco ..."