After Many Years Of Study, Two Orthodox Rabbanical Students Graduated From The Seminary, And Were Told To Get Black Suits And Go Into The World.

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After many years of study, two orthodox rabbanical students graduated from
the seminary, and were told to get black suits and go into the world. One
said that his uncle Pincus, the tailor, would give them a great deal, so
they went to see him. After picking up their suits, the two new rabbis walked
down the street, arguing about the color of their suits. The first rabbi said
the suits were navy; the second said no they were black. That's when they saw
a nun waiting at a bus stop. They ran up behind the nuns to compare colors of
clothing. Lo and behold, their suits were navy! "How do you like that, Pincus
fucked us!" said one rabbi. The nun turned around, saying, "I didn't know you
could speak Latin!"