An 80-year Old Man Read In The Paper That Someone Had Saved A Life By Signing An Organ Donor Card.

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An 80-year old man read in the paper that someone had saved a life by
signing an organ donor card. The man felt this was a noble thing to
do so he called the organ donor organization to see if he could get
a card. Unfortuneatly, he was told that he was too old to donate his
organs when he died. The lady at the organization did tell him that if
he wanted to give life in another way that he could go to the sperm bank
- they take anyone of any age. Rather pleased, the man went to the
sperm bank. After filling out the obligatory forms, the receptionist
gave him a jar and pointed to a little room and said *You can go in
there to donate, thank you*. So the man went in and closed the door and
in a moment the receptionist heard this loud moaning and groaning. She
felt a little embarrassed for the old man but did nothing. The moaning
and groaning continued for 20 minutes and finally she knocked on the door
and asked if the old man was all right.

The old man came out and said, *I'm really sorry. I tried it with my left
hand, then I tried it with my right hand, then I tried it with both hands,
but I can't get the DAMN LID OFF THE JAR!!!

[Original, the author claims.]