Canonical List Of WASP Jokes Version 1.

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Canonical List of WASP Jokes
Version 1.0

1. Why did God invent WASPs?
Someone has to buy retail.

2) How many WASPs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Two. One to make the marinis, one to call the electrician.
Two, but WASPs screw in a bed.

3) What do you call a bunch of WASPs sitting around a table?
Price fixing.

4) What does a WW's bumper sticker say?
Honk if you want to pass.

5) How do you spot WWs in a Chinese restaurant?
They're the ones where everyone is eating their own food.

6) What is the definition of a WW?
Someone who steps out of the shower to piss.

7) How do you spot a WW at an orgy?
He's the one washing grapes.

8) What's a deprived WW?
Someone who only has a black and white TV.

9) What's a WW's seven-course meal?
Six martinis and a Saltine.