When I Was In London Several Months Ago, I Was Staying In A Hotel That Is Well Known For Its Great Service.

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When I was in London several months ago, I was staying in a hotel that is
well known for its great service. Anyway, we got back from the theater one
night at around 12:30 AM, and we decided to call for a little tea and apple
pie. So anyay, we phoned down for it, and an hour passed and it still had
not come.

I phoned down again and asked when the apple pie might be here. The response

"Oh, we beg your pardon sir, it's just leaving the kitchen now. It should be
up to your room momentarily."

To that, I asked, "But I ordered it an hour ago. What took so long? What
were you doing, baking it?"

"Yes, sir."

I put the phone down.

Gabe Wiener -- Columbia University