Mistress: A Sociologist, A Psychologist, And A Computer Programmer Were Discussing The Consequences And Implications Of A Married Man Having A Mistress.

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A sociologist, a psychologist, and a computer programmer were discussing the
consequences and implications of a married man having a mistress. The
sociologist's opinion was that it is absolutely and categorically
unforgivable for a married man to forfeit the bond of matrimony, and engage
in such lowly and lustful pursuits.
The psychologist's opinion was that although morally reprehensible, if a man
MUST have a mistress to achieve his full potential as a human being, then --
well -- he may go ahead and choose to have a mistress, as long as he is
considerate enough to keep this secret from his wife.
The programmer then interjected: "I also believe that, if necessary, a
married man is entitled to a mistress. However, I do not see why the affair
should be concealed from the wife. On the contrary, if the affair is out in
the open, then on Friday evenings he may tell his wife that he is going to
see his mistress, tell his mistress that he is going to be with his wife,
then go to his office and get some work done!"