Never Felt Better... An Old Farmer Was On His Way For A Night Out On The Town.

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Never Felt Better...
An old farmer was on his way for a night out on the town. He loaded his old
hound dog into the buggy, had his favorite horse pulling the buggy, and was
on his way. He had just rounded a curve when a speeding Mercedes ran into
the back of his rig, wiping him out.
After months recovering he finally had his day in court. The defense called
the local sheriff as a witness.
The defense lawyer asked, "Did the plaintiff have anything to say when you
approached him at the scene of the accident?"
The sheriff replied, "Yes sir. The plaintiff said, 'I never felt better.'"
The plaintiff's lawyer was very upset at this, and whispered to the farmer,
"Did you really say that?"
"I sure did, but don't worry, just put me on the stand," he replied.
So, the plaintiff's lawyer called the farmer and asked, "Did you really say,
you 'never felt better?'"
The farmer replied, "I sure did. But you gotta understand. When the sheriff
came in on the scene, he went over to my dog who was badly injured, bleeding
and looked down at him, shook his head, then shot the dog.
Then he walked over to my horse who had three broken legs, really hurt bad,
looked down at him, shook his head, then shot the horse.
Then the sheriff came over to me, looked down at me and asked how I felt. So
of course, I replied, "I never felt better!"