Where Is God? Two Bothers, Ages Eight And Ten, Were Always Getting Themselves Into Trouble For Some Reason Or Another.

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Where is God?
Two bothers, ages eight and ten, were always getting themselves into trouble
for some reason or another. If something was missing, they were probably
involved. Their parents were beyond themselves. They had no idea whatsoever
as to what to do about this. Then one person suggested taking the boys to a
local preacher, seeing that he was very bold and assertive, and even
intimidating to children. He could probably put an end to the boys'
So the parents sent the younger of the boys to him first. The boy wordlessly
sat in the preacher's office.
"Where is God?" demanded the preacher, in attempt to find out the cause of
the mischief through religion, and the boy recognizing God's presence.
The child was silent.
"Where is God?" the preacher repeated a little more forcefully.
Still, there was no reply as the eight-year-old slid farther down in his
"Where is God?" The preacher slammed his fist on the table, angry at the
boy's silence.
At this, the boy jumped up out of the chair and shot out of the office. He
ran down the street, into his house, and up the stairs where he flew into
the closet. A few minutes later his brother came to see what was wrong.
"Well," prompted the ten-year-old, "how'd it go? What happened?"
His little brother replied, "God is missing, ...and they think we did it."