Typical Blonde A Beautiful, Well-dressed Blonde Seats Herself In The First Class Cabin On A Cross-country Fligh

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Typical Blonde

A beautiful, well-dressed blonde seats herself in the first class
cabin on a cross-country flight, and settles herself in for the trip,
smiling prettily at admiring passengers seated around her.

Underway, a flight attendant soon approaches the blonde and says,
"Miss, I'm sorry, but I see that your ticket is for coach, and
you're seated in first class; I'm afraid you'll have to move."

The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, and I'm beautiful, and I'm going to
New York to be a model."

Slightly incredulous, the attendant alerts the senior flight

The senior attendant approaches the blonde and says, politely, "I'm
sorry, Miss, but since your ticket is for coach, you'll have to move

The blonde replies, sweetly, "I'm blonde, and I'm beautiful, and I'm
going to New York to be a model" -- and shows no signs of moving.

Frustrated, the senior attendant informs the captain, and he says
he'll deal with the problem. He turns over flight control, walks to
the rear, and observes the blonde seated comfortably in first class.

Approaching her with a smile, the captain leans over and speaks
quietly into the blonde's ear. Almost immediately, the blonde gathers
her things, gets up, and moves quickly to the coach compartment.

Amazed, the senior flight attendant asks the captain, "Captain, I'm
impressed ... what did you say to her?"

The captain grinned slyly and said, "I just told her that the first
class cabin doesn't go to New York."