Genesis Of The HMO Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Mouse Who Came Across A Big Lion In The Jungle, But The Lion Was Crying.

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Genesis of the HMO

Once upon a time there was a little Mouse who came across a big Lion
in the jungle, but the Lion was crying.

"What's wrong?" said the Mouse.

"I can't walk," said the Lion, "because I have a thorn in my paw.
Could you pull it out for me?"

"Nonsense," said the Mouse. "Stop acting like a baby. Everybody has
a little bit of pain. It builds character. I'm sure the thorn will
fall out by itself eventually. In the mean time, start walking on
it. It will stop hurting after a while. You'll be just fine."

So the big Lion limped off into the jungle, and the Mouse started
his own HMO.

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