Signs The New Mir Computer Is Running Windows 95 10.

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Signs the New Mir Computer is Running Windows 95

10. The computer keeps asking you to "Insert Setup Disk #3 to continue"

9. There is no space left on the hard drive to store mission data.

8. The computer refuses to interact with the Mir's "Mr. Java" coffee maker.

7. Millions of dollars are traced to phone calls to a Redmond, WA 900#.

6. Mir astronauts are caught stealing RAM from other satellite's
computers to keep their system running.

5. The Space Shuttle can no longer dock with Mir since
"the proper driver cannot be found"

4. The system locks up whenever the astronauts try to run life support,
the solar panels and thrusters at the same time.

3. The astronauts spend three days looking for cyrillic version of
the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys.

2. Alien ships secretly observing Mir flee in terror.

1. You start receiving welcoming e-mail from the Borg.

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