How They Make Those Foods Look So Good On TV Have You Wondered Why Your Meals Don't Look As Good As Those TV Ads?

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How they make those foods look so good on TV

Have you wondered why your meals don't look as good as those TV ads?
Most of us know they use tricks on those ads. Here are a few reported
by Brett Kurzweil in the HOPE health letter (posted without permission)

- Shaving cream is used instead of whipped cream

- Roasted poultry is typically shellacked to make it look good

- Nectarines can be turned into gorgeous looking fuzzy peaches by
spritzing them with antifungal foot spray.

- Wildroot hair tonic is used on cornflakes instead of milk because the
flakes can sit around for hours without getting soggy.

- Ice cream is typically Crisco (a vegetable lard product) mixed with
confectionaires sugar

- Meats are held together with Krazy glue and straight pins.

Antifungal foot spray and hair tonic. MMMMM. Yummy!

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