Bell Ringer In A Small Town, The Bell Ringer For The Church Decides He's Had His Fill And Wants To Retire, So Puts An Ad In The Paper For Applicants.

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Bell ringer

In a small town, the bell ringer for the church decides he's had his
fill and wants to retire, so puts an ad in the paper for applicants.

The next day, a man without arms shows up. The bell ringer is a
little skeptical as to the man's ability, but the applicant offers a

At the top of the tower, the man charges at the bell, jumping at the
last second and hitting it with his face. The bell lets out a loud ring
and the applicant gets the job.

A week later, the new ringer misses the bell and falls over the side
to his death. Everyone in the church crowds around the body and the
former bell ringer is called over to identify the body.

Upon inspecting the victim, he says, "I don't know his name, but the
face sure does ring a bell."

After the first bell-ringer died, the position opened again. After
about a week, another armless man applied for the position. "That's
really unusual," said the retired bell-ringer, "the last person who held
this position had no arms either." "I know," said the second man sadly.
"He was my brother." The first man expressed his regrets and then the
armless man demonstrated his bell-ringing talents just like his brother
had: he got a running start in the tower and ran up to the bell and
smacked it with his face. "You're hired!" said the old bell-ringer.

A week later the old man heard that the brother had died the same
way--by misjudging his jump and falling out of the tower. When asked to
identify the body, he said, "I don't know who he is, but he sure is a
dead ringer for his brother." :)