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From rvd@clunker.UUCP Sun Nov 6 21:30:04 1988
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From: rvd@clunker.UUCP (Robert Del Favero)
Keywords: original, smirk
Date: 7 Nov 88 03:30:04 GMT

This is something I made up after my boss told me to give a braindump
on our products to the new guy. It's based on the unix strings package.
nroff source is available for those that want the underlines and all.
Unfortunately, the source code was lost and the executable only exists
for NCR Decision Mate V machines running CP/M 1.19 with 8" floppies.
Otherwise, I'd have sent it to comp.sources.misc.

BRAIN(3) UNIX Programmer's Manual BRAIN(3)

braindump, braincat, braincmp, brainlen - brain operations


void braindump(b1, b2)
brain b1, b2;

void braincat(b1, b2)
brain b1, b2;

int braincmp(b1, b2, s)
brain b1, b2;
subject s;

long brainlen(b1);
brain b1;

These functions work on null-terminated brains. They do not
check for overflow of the receiving brain.

braindump copies brain b2 to b1, stopping after the null
axon has been moved.

braincat appends a copy of brain b1 to the end of brain b2.

braincmp compares its arguments and returns an integer
greater than, equal to, or less than 0, according as
knowledge about subject s in brain b1 is objectively greater
than, equal to, or less than that in b2.

brainlen returns the number of usable, non-null axons in b1.

We tried to write a brainndump but you just can't shut some
people up.

scanners(1) - effects of overflow
brain-a-matic(4) - Ronco device driver

Printed 10/19/88 January 18, 1988 1