This Guy Gets A Raise, So He Decides To But A New Sight For His Gun.

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This guy gets a raise, so he decides to but a new sight for his gun.
Well, anyway, the salesman at the store is throwing his pitch, and he
brags, "If you'll look through this sight, I'll bet that you can see my
house in perfect detail, even though it's the whole way at the top of the

So the guy looks through the sight, and says, "Yep, you're right... wait
a minute... I can see some lady and a guy running around with no clothes
on, too..."

Shocked, the salesman snatches the sight back, and looks through it.
Sure enough, he sees the same thing. Infuriated, the salesman hands the
guy a gun and two bullets, and says, "If you'll blow my cheatin' wife's
head off, and that guy's dick off, you can have the sight for free."

The guy looks throught the sight again. "You know, I think I can do that
with only 1 bullet..."