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From mark@sickkids.toronto.edu Wed May 24 18:30:05 1989
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Subject: A Jury of his Peers
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The Toronto Star has a weekly column by an attorney, consisting of
humorous excerpts from court transcripts. The following appeared
a few weeks ago:

In a jury trial in Battleford, Sask., a few decades back, a farmer
was charged with bestiality after he became amorous with one of his

The chief Crown witness, the hired man, testified that he saw his
boss place a milk stool behind the cow, then stand on the stool
and take liberties with the cow. Moments later, the witness said,
the cow kicked over the stool and the farmer fell to the floor
of the barn.

Upon hearing this, a farmer in the jury box slapped his thigh and
exclaimed, "They'll do that every time!"