A Blind Man Is Standing On The Corner Waiting For The Street Light To Change So He Can Cross The Street.

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A blind man is standing on the corner waiting for the street light
to change so he can cross the street. He is holding his familiar
red and white cane and in the other arm is a bag of groceries that
he has just purchased.

As he is waiting, a stray dog comes up to him, lifts its leg and
pisses all down the blind man's leg, into his pants cuff, and all
over his sock and into his shoe.

By way of response, the blind man merely removes a cookie from
within his bag of groceries, bends over slightly with the cookie in
his outstreched hand and says, "Good doggie...good doggie, get the
cookie, good doggie, attaboy."

A woman who was standing nearby, and who witnessed the entire
incident says to the blind man, "I can't beleive you're going to
reward that dog after what he just did."

"No," replied the blind man, "I'm just trying to find the dog's
head, so I can kick him in the ass!"