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G: Suitable for everyone. Even the family's pet lizard.

PG-17: For anyone with initials "PG" over 17 years of age.

ASCII: Suitable for any text editor.

GASCII: For any text editor that has a problem with burritos.
(Recommended shareware utility: PKUNFART.EXE)

MACINTOSH: For imitation computer users.

DOS: For real computer users.

WINDOWS: For those of us who are into masochism.

BUBBA: For anyone who's so southern, he's related to himself.

X: For Adults Only.

Z: For Absolutely No One.

BREW: For rednecks who can't read sober.

DOORS: For those who can't use Windows.

BACKDOORS: For another way in.

DYSLEXIC: .sdrawkcab era ohw esoth roF

SLEPL: For those who can't spell.

READ2ME: For those who can't read.

GIMME: For Madonna.

HUH?: For blondes.

HILLARY: For the President.

PEROT: Short jokes.

DAHMER: Bits & pieces.

BIGUNS: Dolly Parton jokes.

BRAILLE: .. :.: ': :. .:. ':: .:: .


DUH?: For those who don't get these jokes.