Narrator: Malibu Stacy: America's Favorite Eight-and-a-half Incher.

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Narrator: Malibu Stacy: America's favorite eight-and-a-half incher. In
1959, homemaker Stacy Lavelle had a design and a dream. The
design? Malibu Stacy. The dream? To mass market a fashion
doll that was also edible.
Kids didn't much like the taste of dried onion meal, but they
_loved_ the doll. A second, plastic Malibu Stacy took America
by storm. Just ask the owner of the world's largest Malibu
Stacy collection: Wayland Smithers of Springfield.
Smithers: Hello, Malibu Stacy collectors. I'll see _you_ [points] at
StacyCon '94, at the San Diego Airport Hilton.
Narrator: And what does Stacy think of her thirty-five years of success
and millions of friends worldwide?
Stacy: Don't ask me, I'm just a girl. [giggles]
Narrator: [chuckles] She sure is.
-- Nightmare demotional videos, "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy"