Commandant: Next Up ... Simp-son, Lis-a. [the Crowd Falls Silent.

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Commandant: Next up ... Simp-son, Lis-a.
[the crowd falls silent. The cadet leader plays, "Taps."
Lisa climbs the ladder to the first platform, as the crowd
begins jeering]
Lisa: Well, at least they're talking to me.
[at the top of the platform, she looks at the ground, which
appears to be 400 feet below her, rather than 40.
Tentatively, she grasps the rope and starts to cross in
hand-over-hand fashion]
If only I were in Springfield, all my friends would be
cheering me on ... oh, God, I'm delirious.
[Lisa's hands slip, and she dangles from the rope by only
her legs]
Cadets: Drop! Drop! Drop! ...
Bart: [steps forward from the crowd] You can make it, Lisa. I
know you can! Come on, I know you can do it! Just get
your hands back on the rope! Just a little further! [Lisa
grabs the rope again and begins crawling] Come on, a little
bit more, you're doing great! That's it, come on, just a
little bit more!
[the other cadets try to silence Bart, but he wriggles free
of them]
I know you can do it, I believe in you!
[and she does it!]
Lisa: Yes! [she gets to the next platform, and climbs back down
to earth]
[arms raised] You said I couldn't but I could I did and I
could do it again let's do it again!
Bart: Lisa, it's over, you made it. You can put your arms down.
Lisa: I can't, they're stuck.
-- Winning ... "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson"