Bart: What A Perfect Plan. Now, Roger Myers Will Tell As Just.

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Bart: What a perfect plan. Now, Roger Myers will tell as just...
Myers: [announcing the studio's re-opening]
And so when no one could think of a plan to resurect Itchy &
Scratchy, a young boy, a wonderful irrepressible young boy,
took it on his own to solve the problem. He discovered that the
postal service's Mr. Zip. was just a rip-off of my father's
stick figure character Manic Mailman.
[crowd murmors]
So the government gave me a _huge_ cash settlement, and Itchy &
Scratchy Studios is back in business.
[engines start up again]
Thanks to you, Lester.
[a Tracey-Ullman-era Bart comes on stage]
Bart: What the hell is going on?
Lisa: I don't know, but it looks like you might have a little
competition all of a sudden.
Lester: Thanks everybody, but I couldn't have done all this without the
help of my brainy sister Eliza.
[a Tracey-Ullman-era Lisa joins him]
Lisa: [gasps]
-- Bart and Lisa meet their alter egos,
"The Day the Violence Died"