Bart: OK, Boy: Catch The Frisbee. [SLH Does So] Good Catch, Boy!

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Bart: OK, boy: catch the frisbee.
[SLH does so]
Good catch, boy!
SLH: [taking the frisbee from his mouth] Thanks, Bart.
[throws it at him; it hits Bart in the face]
[Bart does a flip; "NO SALE" appears in his eyes and birds fly
around his head]
SLH: Oh, hard luck.
[Bart shakes his head to clear it, then spots Willy dressed as
Freddy Krueger, holding a rake]
Bart: Aah! [his eyes bulge out]
[Willy brandishes the rake; Bart holds up a "Help me!" sign]
Willy: Glad to rake your acquaintance. [laughs evilly]
[he swipes at Bart, who wakes up yelling]
Bart: [sighs] was only a dream.
[sees the scrapes on his stomach] Aah!
Homer: [elsewhere, sounding worried] Bart! Is that you?
Bart: Yes!
Homer: Take out the garbage.
-- All work and no play, "Treehouse of Horror VI"