Bart: You're A Pin-monkey? Wow! Finally I Don't Have To Be Ashamed Of My Father's Job.

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Bart: You're a pin-monkey? Wow! Finally I don't have to be
ashamed of my father's job.
Lisa: I think it's romantic, throwing off the shackles of the
workaday world and following a dream...of sorts.
Marge: I don't know if it's such a good idea. Can we get by on a
pin-monkey's salary?
Homer: Don't worry, Marge, I've come up with a perfectly balanced
budget. There will be exactly enough money for you, me,
Bart, and Lisa, if we make a few small sacrifices.
Marge: [skeptical] Uh huh...
Homer: From now on, we use regular toilet paper, not that fancy
quilted kind.
[Bart punches the wall]
Homer: And only one of you kids can go to college.
Bart+Lisa: Fine.
-- Probably _not_ Bart, I'm guessing,
"And Maggie Makes Three"