In The Episode When Bart Makes Prank Calls To A Bunch Of Places Around The World In An Effort To Find Out If Water In Toilets In The Southern Hemisphere Really Flush Clockwise

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In the episode when Bart makes prank calls to a bunch of places around the world in an effort to find out if water in toilets in the southern hemisphere really flush clockwise, he ends up calling some place in South America before he makes the fateful call to Australia (where he runs up the phone bill for some Aussie-bumpkin). When he does make the call, the scene shifts to a street with a fat German man wearing Lederhosen on a bicycle who gives a "Heil Hitler" salute and says "Buenos dias, mein fuhrer" to a Hitler-lookalike who is fumbling with his keys to answer his car phone, in front of the Casa Rosada, the White House of Argentina. This is a reference to the large number of Nazi's who fled post-war Germany to South America, particularly Argentina.