Fnord: [from The "Illuminatus Trilogy"] N. 1. A Word Used In Email And News Postings To Tag Utterances As Surrealist Mind-play Or Humor, Esp.

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:fnord: [from the "Illuminatus Trilogy"] n. 1. A word used in
email and news postings to tag utterances as surrealist mind-play
or humor, esp. in connection with {Discordianism} and elaborate
conspiracy theories. "I heard that David Koresh is sharing an
apartment in Argentina with Hitler. (Fnord.)" "Where can I fnord
get the Principia Discordia from?" 2. A {metasyntactic variable},
commonly used by hackers with ties to {Discordianism} or the
{Church of the SubGenius}.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary