Einstein: "G, Sub-I, J, Of T, As T Approaches Infinity.

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Einstein: "G, Sub-I, J, of T, as T approaches infinity. Hmm?" Barclay:
"G, of T, over G-Lot." Einstein: "Thirty? So it is! So it is!" Barclay:
"But I still don't see how you're going to incorporate quantum principle
into general relativity, without guessing the cosmological constant
a lot more than you're doing here." Einstein: "But if you increase
the value, as you suggest, then you face the possibility of twenty-six
dimensions instead of ten." Barclay: "I don't think I could deal with
that." Einstein: "I certainly could not. [Laughs] Barclay: "If the
semi-set curved into the subatomic, the infinities might cancel each
other out!" Einstein: "Good Gott! They just might!"
-- "The Nth Degree", Stardate 44705.3