Bogo-sort: /boh`goh-sort'/ N. (var. `stupid-sort') The Archetypical Perversely Awful Algorithm (as Opposed To {bubble Sort}, Which Is Merely The Generic *bad* Algorithm).

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:bogo-sort: /boh`goh-sort'/ n. (var. `stupid-sort') The
archetypical perversely awful algorithm (as opposed to {bubble
sort}, which is merely the generic *bad* algorithm).
Bogo-sort is equivalent to repeatedly throwing a deck of cards in
the air, picking them up at random, and then testing whether they
are in order. It serves as a sort of canonical example of
awfulness. Looking at a program and seeing a dumb algorithm, one
might say "Oh, I see, this program uses bogo-sort." Compare
{bogus}, {brute force}, {Lasherism}.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary