I Suppose Some Of The Variation Between Boston Drivers And The Rest Of The Country Is Due To The Progressive Massachusetts Driver Education Manual Which I Happen To Have In My Top Desk Drawer.

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I suppose some of the variation between Boston drivers and the rest of the
country is due to the progressive Massachusetts Driver Education Manual which
I happen to have in my top desk drawer. Some of the Tips for Better Driving
are worth considering, to wit:

"Directional signals are generally not used except during vehicle
inspection; however, a left-turn signal is appropriate when making
a U-turn on a divided highway."

"When paying tolls, remember that it is necessary to release the
quarter a full 3 seconds before passing the basket if you are
traveling more than 60 MPH."

"When traveling on a one-way street, stay to the right, so as not
to interfere with oncoming traffic."