A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose. Just Ask Jean Marsh, Known To Millions Of PBS Viewers In The '70s As Rose, The Maid On The BBC Export "Upstairs, Downstairs.

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A rose is a rose is a rose. Just ask Jean Marsh, known to millions of
PBS viewers in the '70s as Rose, the maid on the BBC export "Upstairs,
Downstairs." Though Marsh has since gone on to other projects, ... it's
with Rose she's forever identified. So much so that she even likes to
joke about having one named after her, a distinction not without its
drawbacks. "I was very flattered when I heard about it, but when I looked
up the official description, it said, `Jean Marsh: pale peach, not very
good in beds; better up against a wall.' I want to tell you that's not
true. I'm very good in beds as well."