SAIL:: /sayl/, Not /S-A-I-L/ N. 1. The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.

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:SAIL:: /sayl/, not /S-A-I-L/ n. 1. The Stanford Artificial
Intelligence Lab. An important site in the early development of
LISP; with the MIT AI Lab, BBN, CMU, XEROX PARC, and the UNIX
community, one of the major wellsprings of technical innovation and
hacker-culture traditions (see the {{WAITS}} entry for details).
The SAIL machines were shut down in late May 1990, scant weeks
after the MIT AI Lab's ITS cluster was officially decommissioned.
2. The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language used at SAIL
(sense 1). It was an Algol-60 derivative with a coroutining
facility and some new data types intended for building search trees
and association lists.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary