LOGICAL [from The Technical Term "logical Device", Wherein A Physical Device Is Referred To By An Arbitrary Name] Adj.

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LOGICAL [from the technical term "logical device", wherein a physical
device is referred to by an arbitrary name] adj. Understood to have
a meaning not necessarily corresponding to reality. E.g., if a
person who has long held a certain post (e.g., Les Earnest at SAIL)
left and was replaced, the replacement would for a while be known
as the "logical Les Earnest". The word VIRTUAL is also used. At
SAIL, "logical" compass directions denote a coordinate system in
which "logical north" is toward San Francisco, "logical west" is
toward the ocean, etc., even though logical north varies between
physical (true) north near SF and physical west near San Jose.
(The best rule of thumb here is that El Camino Real by definition
always runs logical north-and-south.)