Line Starve: [MIT] 1. Vi. To Feed Paper Through A Printer The Wrong Way By One Line (most Printers Can't Do This).

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:line starve: [MIT] 1. vi. To feed paper through a printer the
wrong way by one line (most printers can't do this). On a display
terminal, to move the cursor up to the previous line of the screen.
"To print `X squared', you just output `X', line starve, `2', line
feed." (The line starve causes the `2' to appear on the line
above the `X', and the line feed gets back to the original line.)
2. n. A character (or character sequence) that causes a terminal to
perform this action. ASCII 0011010, also called SUB or control-Z,
was one common line-starve character in the days before
microcomputers and the X3.64 terminal standard. Unlike `line
feed', `line starve' is *not* standard {{ASCII}}
terminology. Even among hackers it is considered a bit silly.
3. [proposed] A sequence such as \c (used in System V echo, as well
as {{nroff}} and {{troff}}) that suppresses a {newline} or
other character(s) that would normally be emitted.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary