7/16/89] I've Had No Indication From Home, Nor Have We Picked Up Any Here That They Felt That The US Economy Was Going To Move Towards A Recession.

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[7/16/89] I've had no indication from home, nor have we picked up any
here that they felt that the US economy was going to move towards a
recession. [10/4/91] The economy is moving in the right direction.
[10/25/91] I don't want to buy into the predicate about [the US being
in] another recession. I don't feel that way. [10/31/91] The
economy's turned the corner, headed for recovery. [11/8/91] I'm not
prepared to say we are in a recession. [1/4/92] It will not be a deep
recession. [1/15/92] Look, this economy is in free fall.
-- President George Bush