You Might Be A Microsoft Employee If... 1. When A Microsoft Program Crashes For The Millionth Time, You Say "Oh, Well!

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You Might be a Microsoft Employee If...

1. When a Microsoft program crashes for the millionth time, you say "Oh,
well!" and reboot without any negative thoughts
2. The Windows 95 startup screen (the clouds) makes you feel all warm and
fuzzy inside
3. You fully understand why Windows 95's Shutdown Option has to be
accessed from the Start Menu
4. You believe Internet Explorer's security flaws were slipped in by a
crack team of Netscape programmers
5. You keep valuable papers near your fireplace. Therefore, you are
comfortable with Windows 95's "may-delete-it-at-anytime" philosophy
6. You're the Bob that Microsoft Bob was named after
7. Instead of "I'd rather be fishing," your bumper sticker says, "I'd
rather be writing buggy Microsoft code"
8. You know the technical difference between OLE 1.0 and OLE 2.0
9. You've ever completed your income taxes while waiting for Windows 95
to boot, and didn't think anything of it
10. You run Solitaire more than any other program, and therefore you
consider your computer a Dedicated Solitaire Engine (DSE)