HEAVEN CAN WEIGHT!! John And His Wife Patsy, In Their Later Years Made A Solemn Pledge That Whoever Should Pass Into The Great Divide First Would Somehow Find A Way Back And Tell The Other What It Was Like.

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John and his wife Patsy, in their later years made a solemn
pledge that whoever should pass into the great divide first
would somehow find a way back and tell the other what it was
like. Sadly John made the leap first.
A month later to the day Patsy awoke from a dream only to find
her self talking to John. It was very dark and she could only
hear him.
"Well, John" she asked, "Tell me all about it."
"There is not really much to tell" he replied. "I get up in
the morning and have sex, then eat and take a nap. Then when I
wake up I have sex, eat and go back to sleep. Later I have sex
again, have lunch and nap. Then it is time for more sex and
dinner before bed time."
"Is that all there is to Heaven, John? Just sex, food and
"What Heaven. I'm a jack rabbit in Texas!"