One Day A Young Man Went To A Pharmacy And Asked The Little Old Lady Behind The Counter If He Could Speak With The Pharmacist.

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One day a young man went to a pharmacy and asked the little old lady
behind the counter if he could speak with the pharmacist.
"I am the pharmacist," she informed him.
"Oh, in that case forget it," he replied and started to leave.
"Young man," the lady said to him, "my sister and I have been
pharmacists for forty years and there is nothing we haven't heard, so
what is your problem?"
"Well," the young man said reluctantly, "I have a problem with
erections. Once I get hard, it won't go down for hours and hours, no
matter how much I masturbate or how many times I have intercourse!
Please, can you give me something for it?
"I'll have to go in the back and talk to my sister." she informed him.
About ten minutes later she came back. "Young man, I have consulted with
my sister and the best we can give you is $100 a week and a third interest
in the pharmacy."