JUMP!! There Were Four Men On An Airplane Flight, The Pilot, The World's Smartest Man, A Hippie, And A Priest.

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There were four men on an Airplane Flight, the Pilot, the World's
Smartest Man, a Hippie, and a Priest.

The plane began having engine trouble. It started descending at a very rapid
rate. The pilot informed his passengers about the engine trouble and that
they would have to bail out. There was a problem; there were only three
parachutes. The four men started talking over the situation.

The Pilot stated that he has to use one of the parachutes so he would be able
to tell the FAA what happened to the plane and that by doing this doing this
would save countless lives. The other three agreed, so the Pilot took one of
the parachutes and jumped to safety.

The World's Smartest Man said he had to use one of the parachutes
because the world relied o him for his knowledge and leadership. The other
two passengers agreed, so the World's Smartest Man took a parachute and
jumped out.

The Priest and Hippie looked at each other. The Priest told the Hippie, "You
take the last parachute because the good Lord will look after me."
The Hippie said, "Thank you Father, but there isn't any problem, the
'World's Smartest Man' jumped out with my back pack on.