There Was A Young Man Hitchiking Along A Road One Day.

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There was a young man hitchiking along a road one day. A car stopped and the
driver opened the door and asked, "What political party are you with?" He
replied, "Why, I'm a Democrat." And the driver slammed the door and rode off.
The guy was pretty discouraged when another car came along, and the driver
asked the same question. The guy answered, "Uh, I'm a Democrat." And again,
the driver slammed the door and rode off. Now he was downright confused when
another car came along. The driver was an attractive lady, and she asked
the same question. He answered: "I'm a Republican." And she answered, "Well,
the hop on in." They drove on for a few minutes when he began to notice that
her skirt was beginning to get hiked up on her thighs. Finally, he couldn't
take it any more, and said "M'am, stop the car and let me out. I've only
been a Republican for 15 minutes, and I already feel like screwing someone!"