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Buzzy: Nobody really knows what's causing Colony Collapse Disorder but it does parallel the wireless boom perfectly? The Honeybees Are Disappearing! I think I better run out and buy a wireless router and cell phone (26 Jul 2011)

Lucille Shaw: Ahmad, you have such a nice guestbook. So interesting! Anyone feel free to email me!!! (26 Jul 2011)

slma: Nice Site!(24 Jul 2011)

mel: hello. thank you for letting me sign your guestbook. all the best and God bless! mel (23 Jul 2011)

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steyn: great site .guestbook is a great way to meet people (10 Jul 2011)

عاشق كلاشنكوف: This is my faovite site!(09 Jul 2011)

Rob: wish that you changed the laylout a bit and took down some of the adds. otherwise loved it. (09 Jul 2011)

Phil Ayshio: Really nice site. Well Done. Phil (08 Jul 2011)

shokhrm: Two thumbs up...(07 Jul 2011)

richard: Nice site! (05 Jul 2011)

David Mitchell: Good site (05 Jul 2011)

Kelvin: Hi mate we love you (02 Jul 2011)

soso: i like it (01 Jul 2011)

John Lydon: Cool (29 Jun 2011)

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Paul: Nice site (29 Jun 2011)

Ryan Cody: Wow! thank you very much. I love your guestbook! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and fill you with the Holy Spirit. Amen. Ryan Cody (28 Jun 2011)

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