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Farzad Ahadi: 1973 Male Please visit and sign my guestbook at (08 Oct 2001)

[Anonymous]: eyyo...ur sites cool..ha well lataz (07 Oct 2001)

ramin: D)-- (05 Oct 2001)

Elvis Presley: don't step on my blue suede shoes, thank you, thank you very much. (03 Oct 2001)

Farnaz: Two thumbs up...(29 Sep 2001)

jasmona: The best page i have ever seen (23 Sep 2001)

Jooje Khan: Hi Shaq ! That's great I still see you alive !!! (23 Sep 2001)

Palang: SalAm (23 Sep 2001)

Farhad: Hello, i have looked your Page. I am very happy to know you. I am here since 17 years and studied Computer Science in Hamburg. Now i am working as Consultant. Ok. You can write me. I would be happy about your feedback. Thanks, Farhad (21 Sep 2001)

gangluci: Wonderful site..(15 Sep 2001)

Laurie Ann: AKA Larry (14 Sep 2001)

Amin Edalat: I live in Santa Barbara CA. Pretty cool website you got here. I was wondering if you could just put on some pictures from streets of tehran on your's been so long since I've had a glance of those streets. just miss it alot. Thanks bud. Good Luck. (14 Sep 2001)

Babak Abbasnejad: Congrtulate for your web (12 Sep 2001)

Omid: Hello my friends (11 Sep 2001)

saeid ghaffari: site gahsnagi dari movafag bashi (10 Sep 2001)

yvonne: Hi Ahmad...Nice page..Long time no chat...You already forgot me?I hope not well good luck...-xxxxxx- (09 Sep 2001)

shahrzad: webpaget khobeh, chand saletooneh kheyly khoskellin ready READY FOR WHAT? BORO GOMSHO RIDI (08 Sep 2001)

mahmood rad: Wonderful site..(06 Sep 2001)

dodo: great job keep up :d (06 Sep 2001)

Deepa: hi (05 Sep 2001)

Buddy: Hi (04 Sep 2001)

sevada: how are you (03 Sep 2001)

mehdi: moragheb team khobeton bashid ta hamisheh khob bashid chon ertebat shoma dar ayandeh az nazar man baray bazi dostany ke dar ax didam moshkel ijad mikoneh,moaffagh bashi saite zibaey bod (02 Sep 2001)

Shahram Ahmadinejad: you site is pretty Keep up the good work (01 Sep 2001)

Hamid R. Ghalehei: That was wonderful, 30/8/01 (31 Aug 2001)

Omid Reza Anvari: I always miss you!!! (27 Aug 2001)

Fatima Anvari: I love you dear cousin (27 Aug 2001)

Mohammad Hadadi: Wonderful site..(27 Aug 2001)

Alireza Anvari: Good Luck Ahmad and God Bless You (27 Aug 2001)

shahab: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(27 Aug 2001)

Larissa: Groovy:) (26 Aug 2001)

Omid Nadjarbashi: Wonderful site..(25 Aug 2001)

DIVINE: "WATZ POPPIN" (19 Aug 2001)

Amy: Hey i'm "DIVINE" (19 Aug 2001)

mehdi: i like it keep on working hard mehdi from usa (19 Aug 2001)

Rouhollah Alizadegan: I'm a friend of your brother Mahdi in Allameh Helli. I always remember your playing basketball there.... Give my regards to Mahdi. Where is he now?! (17 Aug 2001)

M. R. MOZAFARI: Fascinated by seeing happy and smiley youngsters in Iran. Long-live Iran. I wonder, where is Ahmad at the moment and what's his job? (14 Aug 2001)

rana: cool (14 Aug 2001)

Hamid Nobakhti: I Love You (14 Aug 2001)

mojtaba: Your classmate in SUT. (Mojtaba Ghaderi) (11 Aug 2001)

mojtaba: Your classmate in SUT. (Mojtaba haderi) (11 Aug 2001)

Kiki: Hey Do you think the nickname FrostiFlamez sound kewl? well e mail me back if ya think so. (11 Aug 2001)

s. anvari: Salam ! kheili ghashang bood pedar jan sitet...I really appriciated. thanx & bye! (09 Aug 2001)

Martha Prado: hi, how are you..i am so know i am mexican girl.... (06 Aug 2001)

farid ghasemi: nice page thanks (06 Aug 2001)

Barbad Babak: I visit your site it was wonderful &I enjoyed alot. (06 Aug 2001)

sanaz: good luck!! (05 Aug 2001)

Ophellia: Hey there Ahmad...I've been looking at your web page, it's good, nice pictures of yourself...Well, I hope you come and see me sometime =) (04 Aug 2001)

mohammed: you need a shave (03 Aug 2001)