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arezou: Great! Keep it up!(17 Jul 2001)

sara: Nice :)) I hope you have life there :))) (14 Jul 2001)

mojgan: great job , keep up the good work :) (13 Jul 2001)

Serina: I like you websites (11 Jul 2001)

Lily: Senior Anvari.. nice work on the site.. and best of luck in the states.. :) :P (Lilz) (10 Jul 2001)

Sina: chokhlesim man alan to khooneye mahdi hastam, bye (07 Jul 2001)

Amir: ی ی ;) (07 Jul 2001)

anahita: I usually don't sign guestbooks, but this one was cool : Hi UCLA guy! you're visitin too much of my web site! please write me who you are here in the guestbook!! so I decided to write... nice know I love to look at pics in webpages, so I went through half your pictures when I got this message! keep up the good work. anahita. (29 Jun 2001)

Reza: beche meshad ! (29 Jun 2001)

Jamie Aronson: I loved all of the real world and I think the hottest guys are Dan and JASON especially. I htink everyone was pretty and I hope someday I'll get to go on th Real World or Road Rules (27 Jun 2001)

jose luis suarez diaz: nice page. i visited iran two times and love your country. it takes me very good memories from my summers in iran. thank you (26 Jun 2001)

jose luis suarez diaz: nice page. i visited iran two times and love your country. it takes me very good memories from my summers in iran. thank you (26 Jun 2001)

pissy fanny: Excellent site, man...(26 Jun 2001)

: . !! . . ! ѐ . . ҡ ѐ . . (25 Jun 2001)

siavash: Nice Site!(25 Jun 2001)

Amir Ahadi: Think big and think positive (16 Jun 2001)

farzad lohrasbi: Awesome job!(15 Jun 2001)

emery johnson: fine page! (11 Jun 2001)

iman adibi: hello poets (11 Jun 2001)

PunK A$$: :P (10 Jun 2001)

Amir: This website rules!!! ;-) Good job! (10 Jun 2001)

mammad: hi man mammadam. (08 Jun 2001)

aziz: easy nice site, keep going (06 Jun 2001)

ibrar hussain naqvi: always serve humanity (05 Jun 2001)

christina: i have just spoke to u for the second time and i think u am really good looking and i am impressed with everything u do i hope i will talk to you more often (05 Jun 2001)

Cesar E Luna: Great! Keep it up!(05 Jun 2001)

Mahmoud: Nice done (31 May 2001)

Amin Fouladi: This is my faovite site!(29 May 2001)

Rana: Lovely :) (29 May 2001)

Ali Parvini: I really liked your home page. ;) (28 May 2001)

sara: nice web page :) (22 May 2001)

nicole radmand: Bon Chance (22 May 2001)

arian: Great! Keep it up!(14 May 2001)

Paya: I really enjoy this site :) (13 May 2001)

Mahdi: Well done, man! (13 May 2001)

ali: Excellent site, man...(11 May 2001)

Hamid Hashemi: Hey Ahmad ! What a cool server with 3 OC3 lines in diffrent american backbones with Stable FreeBSD hosting ;) (08 May 2001)

fatemeh: This is my faovite site!(26 Apr 2001)

Hamid Nazerzadeh: :-) (25 Apr 2001)

Mariam Vahida: zende bad ahmade anvari :) (23 Apr 2001)

paniz: nesfe moond, mikhaastam begam ke: avvallan: faregholtahsilit mobarak! che akshaaye jaalebi bood. dige inke, chera ziaad az doostaat o khaanevaade aks nazaashti? hamash akshaaye khodeto gozaashti? ghablan be nazaram jaalebtar bood. agar aks daari, yek kam aks\'e daste jami az bachehaa baraam beferest. (23 Apr 2001)

Paniz: Good Job!(23 Apr 2001)

winwin de arroz: you have a great webpage my friend! goodluck to your career! with your wisdom and\'ll go far! =) catch you later! (16 Apr 2001)

Mehdi Vafaee: good for you! (15 Apr 2001)

Leslie Wieland: I don\'t know what to say here. Hello? (10 Apr 2001)

Mariam Vahida: zendeh bad ahmad de shaq;) (15 Mar 2001)

Ahmad: Awesome job!(13 Mar 2001)

Ahmad Moatesim: Nice work... 'You got same name & same interests...we both like to burn "b.ball". visit my page some day & take it easy, Ahmad Moatesim (22 Feb 2001)

Smiles: Great web site! I surfed in through an ICQ Webring, and did enjoy my visit here... (18 Jan 2001)

Ali Azimnezhad: Hi, You have a cool site; keep it up ... Good luck and have fun --Ali (15 Jan 2001)