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vahid nobakhti: man capaitan noellh hasataM BAtashakor (13 Dec 2001)

mitra: to shaq: babies should sleep soon;) (13 Dec 2001)

mitra: to shaq babies should sleep soon;) (13 Dec 2001)

Omid Mafi: can u remember me ;) (13 Dec 2001)

amin anvari: Awesome job!(11 Dec 2001)

Sia Abadani Ph.D: Great Page you have. The way some American Citizens getting treated It means a lot if you would please; Support this site by visiting it and passing it on. It's about our freedom. In memory of September 11th. Visit and sign their guest book and give them some support and if you have a page let others see it as they enter their site. Women United Against Hate http:// Click here: Women United Against Hate (10 Dec 2001)

Firouzeh: cool pictures, nice homepage, keep on doing it and have fun (09 Dec 2001)

Yououghttoknowbynow: Hey goozoo, I have to say your site is really good. Thank you for telling me about it. I have one suggestion about the bald guys pictures. Amir's brother is also bald, isn't he? So in the balds 3 picture put you three guys and in balds 4 find another guy and beat him up and shave his head. Then you will have balds 4. Just a thought. Your friend, Natalie (09 Dec 2001)

NATALIE MICHAELIS: I appreciate the humor that is evident in your site. (09 Dec 2001)

michael: This is my faovite site!(08 Dec 2001)

mehdi tushinpar: ezdevaj (08 Dec 2001)

Babak Taati: Hi there! How is it going? Didn't know you moved to California! (26 Nov 2001)

Ery: hey peeps...sup? This homepage is really kewl!!!!! (24 Nov 2001)

Ery: hey peeps...sup? (24 Nov 2001)

mohammadreza: I am looking for someone...! (23 Nov 2001)

danyal: come and aquant with me (20 Nov 2001)

Ali Habibi: Hi Mate. I hade some free time and I ended in your page. I loved your site, I have sent the address to my friends. Wish you good luck:) (18 Nov 2001)

ASHKAN: i like to see you (15 Nov 2001)

Jenny: hey =) you changed the first page! at least...i think u did...did you use to have that black and white cat in there? ^_^'s so cute (of course, the other yellow and white one is really cute too)! =] ttyl! (14 Nov 2001)

saman: hi. how r u doing . bye now take care bybe (13 Nov 2001)

saman: hi .khobid shoma .e hamin faghat . i"ll be wait for you message. how is tehran. bye now (13 Nov 2001)

sevada: Well done!(12 Nov 2001)

twisted_angel: hey wazzup?! (09 Nov 2001)

Kathy Hadizadeh: Wow!! U have lots of freinds... That sounds cool but is that really the case? I liked ur photos kind of cool and down 2 earth! Have fun in Up North Kathy (09 Nov 2001)

pedi: have a nice day in the USA !! (07 Nov 2001)

Mehrsheed: Congrtulation .The article (Driving in Iran )was great. (07 Nov 2001)

mohamad_soleimani: manam man lolivash magnom manam man sang tipay mahgor (05 Nov 2001)

[Anonymous]: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(04 Nov 2001)

shirin: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(04 Nov 2001)

amir: Nice Site!(04 Nov 2001)

karina: I like your pics. (02 Nov 2001)

nasser: love is life forever (02 Nov 2001)

Rahim: hi dera , I'm computer tech (02 Nov 2001)

Amir Hossein Fassihi: baba a-vax... (01 Nov 2001)

amin anvari: Great! Keep it up!(30 Oct 2001)

babak zamani: Nice work..(30 Oct 2001)

mihde: Good Job!(27 Oct 2001)

mahde: Nice Site!(27 Oct 2001)

erika: Good Job!(27 Oct 2001)

Corrine: Nice Site!(27 Oct 2001)

Sina Farsiu: Wonderful site..(25 Oct 2001)

mohammad dolatshahy: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(23 Oct 2001)

fakehi: Nice work..(20 Oct 2001)

brendan doolan: Well done!(19 Oct 2001)

Reza: Awesome job!(19 Oct 2001)

Angie: Well well..Hello there :o) I think your website is great!! I expecially love all the pictures!! And yes like all the ladies are saying,you're a nice looking man :o) Please keep up the great work and keep us updated with new pictures :o) (18 Oct 2001)

rosa: Two thumbs up...(14 Oct 2001)

i see dead people: can i tell u a secret, "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" (12 Oct 2001)

Arash Azarmi: Hope justice for all! (11 Oct 2001)

Rita Edwards: Wow (10 Oct 2001)